Mission and History


Our mission at the PCC is to provide compassionate and competent counseling to the families, couples, and individuals of Linn and Benton counties in Oregon, based on a passion for care and individualized fees. We serve to increase psychological wellness and personal wholeness to all who come through our doors. If requested, spiritual or faith-based counseling is also available. 


Challenged by the increasingly complex psychological issues brought to them by their own members, ministers of three Corvallis churches united to form the Pastoral Counseling Center in 1977.

These three - from the Congregational, Methodist, and Catholic communities - hired Jack Hall, a minister and licensed psychologist, to take on the mental health challenges facing their flocks. Since then, more than 20 communities of faith have become sponsors of the PCC. Additional support over the years, from both private and public foundations, the United Way in both Benton and Linn counties, Samaritan Health Services, local service clubs, and many others, has helped defray the cost of offering adjusted-fee counseling services to those in need. 

The PCC has earned a trusted and respected status within the network of human service agencies in the Mid-Willamette Valley. Collaborative efforts and a significant number of referrals from state, county, local, and other nonprofit agencies attest to the center's integral place in the human service community. To better serve clients, the center offers office locations in Albany and Lebanon, as well as the original Corvallis location. 

The center earned accreditation from the American Association of Pastoral Counselors in 1989 and adheres to the AAPC's Code of Ethics.